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Active Release Techniques in Dakota DunesA woman jogging on pavement

If you are looking for an effective treatment to relieve discomfort from past surgeries, constant strain, workplace injuries, or sports-related issues, you have come to the right place.

In addition to chiropractic care, Kruse Chiropractic proudly offers a combination of Active Release Techniques® (ART®) and NeuroKinetic Therapy® (NKT®).

Learn more about these specialty approaches to natural health care.

How Do They Help?

NKT® doubles as an assessment and treatment technique. It relies on manual muscle testing to assess how well a muscle or muscle group is firing. ART is a soft-tissue therapy used to address the muscle tissues that are not firing properly, dwelling in a state of spasm or rigidity. These therapies work together to reduce muscle pain and stiffness. In simpler terms, our practice blends NKT® and ART® to maximize the release of tight muscle tone and tissue by activating the idle muscle tissue.

Simply put, ART releases the tight tissue that is limiting range of motion, and NKT® maximizes the home exercise techniques used to restore and balance overall function.

You Are Our Priority

We understand that no two patients are the same, which is why we prioritize individualized care.

Between our personalized approach to chiropractic care and the implementation of ART® and NKT®, we have what you need to say goodbye to pain and hello to freedom.

Suitable for All

ART®/NKT® is a gentle, effective approach to alternative health care that benefits a diverse patient community. This methodology is suitable for patients both young and old, with a wide range of conditions. Most conditions respond to ART® and NKT® therapies shortly after treatment begins. Oftentimes, significant improvement is seen following the first visit. Why go a lifetime without relief when we can help you feel better today?

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Our practice looks forward to helping you heal. Contact us today to learn more about this supplemental care combination.

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